The Corp

Economy management game

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Manage your corporation from the antiquity to the far future

TheCorp is a game about driving a civilization from antiquity to future era by indirect means. The player do not control the civilization but build a powerful corporation around it to provide new goods and services to the citizen of the world. The gameplay revolve around optimizing production chains and your economy. (ho, and of course, becoming richer and richer). To do so, you will have to use market manipulation, diplomacy, research and warfare..

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How to install a step by step install with launcher

Download the launcher

Bypassing browser security

This file is brand new on the internet, your browser may ask you a confirmation to download it

Download it here

Unzip the launcher

The location doesn't matter

You will need about 1Gb of free space on your computer for the full installation of the game.
If you do not want the launcher for some reason you can download the latest version of the game as an archive an unzip it instead. But you will have to download again when we release an update

Download the game archive instead

Start the launcher

Go to the decompressed folder and run TheCorpLauncher.exe

If you run windows 8 or higher, the security screen may ask a confirmation to run the launcher the first time.
Click on "More info" then on "Run anyway"

Start the launcher and update the game

Go to the decompressed folder and run TheCorpLauncher.exe

Click on the Update button to download the latest version of the game


And enjoy

Click the launch button to start the game
If you use another keyboard layout then AZERTY, you can change the key binding used in the game on you started a map, by pressing Escape and using the option menu